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Yoga classes

Fresh air, the most amazing sunsets, gorgeous views of turquoise, greens, blues and whites blending into each other, and the feeling of being in Paradise Is a great incentive for improving your health and mind yoga.


Here you have an opportunity to engage a calm and peaceful practice of recreational yoga.


All exercises of this system aim to:

- relieve back pain;

- improve straightening of the spine; strengthen back and abdomen muscles;

- work at the elasticity of muscles and bones of the whole body.


Practice also includes:

- holotropic breathing work

- powerful and transformational breathing work method of using non

- ordinary states for self

- exploration, personal transformation and healing;

- tapping as a way of juvenescence;

- using healing sounds aimed at recovery of each part of your body.


Getting involved in this system, you can continue your practice independently as well as join our online group classes.


Love your body and be healthy!


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