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 Programme - Living in harmony

Thrilling sunrises and sunsets, beautiful views over the sea and mountains inspires everybody to change the life and become happier!


My author programme “Life in Harmony” is aimed at the process of harmonious fusion of soul-mind-body. It improves three main aspects:

- healthy body;

- clear consciousness;

- strong spirit.


The objective of this programme is to help everyone to realize main life objectives, to understand own predestination and even to create the image of the mate. After the course you will be able to accept the real world and yourself by balancing three main aspects of your life: soul-body-mind.


After the training you will be able to realize your real needs and desires, to love, admit and forgive yourself and others, to set your mind positively, to leave in harmony with you soul and body.


Having completed this program, many people have positively changed their lives. You can do the same: you can improve your life and enjoy it!


I offer individual and group classes (3-8 people). Each session takes around 1.5 - 2 hours.


Stay in harmony!


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